taught by Andrew Carroll & Brett Bridges
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Andrew Carroll  & Brett Bridges
Andrew Carroll & Brett Bridges
Your instructors for the Course

About the instructor

Andrew Carroll is a forensic psychiatrist who works primarily in private medicolegal practice, doing forensic assessment work in both the criminal and civil fields. He is an Associate Professor (Adjunct) at Swinburne University of Technology and a Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (Forensicare), where he is visiting psychiatrist at Hopkins Correctional Centre, Ararat. He is Chair of the Victorian Branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry Faculty of Forensic Psychiatry.

Brett Bridges is a registered and practicing psychiatric nurse and qualified trainer practicing primarily as a private mental health consultant, trainer and counselling therapist. Brett has fulfilled several senior clinical roles and has extensive experience guiding treatment and support approaches to public and private, clinical and non-clinical services. He is regularly consulted in circumstances of high risk, angst, client and system complexity and in challenging co-morbid presentations.

Navigating Risk - Empowering Recovery is a breakthrough course tailored specifically to the trending challenges experienced by practitioners in embracing a recovery focused approach to mental health work. This includes facing difficult and complex risk scenarios and medico-legal challenges utilising 'Values Based Practice' principles.

Drawing upon the latest evidence base this course delivers practical and applied learnings to practitioners equipping them with improved knowledge, critical insights and a solid learning platform on which to build their skills and confidence.

The micro-course is broken down into 3 carefully crafted and paced sessions; Challenges to Safety, Enabling Understanding, Enabling Collaboration, providing participants with a unique and engaging online experience unlike any other in the field. This involves:

  • presented slides (screencasts)
  • facilitated video examples
  • key reflections and discussions
  • practice tips
  • reflective questions
  • strategic tools and
  • easy to use resources for you to download and utilise as needed.


Learning objectives 

On completion of this course, you will be able to:

-apply risk assessment research findings to your practice

-understand the role of ‘risk factors’ and ‘protective factors’ when working with risk

-assist clients at risk of serious harm, by way of structured, evidence-based analysis of past behaviours

With a 30 day money back guarantee, there is no risk to you or your organisation. Register now and find out why this course offers a breakthrough in negotiating challenging risk scenarios whilst maintaining a truly recovery focused approach.

"The important thing is not to stop questioningCuriosity has its own reason for existing." Albert Einstein

Course Contents

3 Videos
1 Quiz
8 PDFs
3.0 hrs